Dial a number

We've added a new feature to the PhoneSpell.org web site! Now in addition to translating "vanity phone numbers" from letters to digits, we can even dial the number for you.

First, enter the letters and numbers of the vanity phone number into the PhoneSpell® search field and click "Submit." Then, on the results pages, you'll see the phone number entirely converted to digits along with a link labeled "Click here to dial using your computer's pre-configured internet telephone system!" If your computer (or mobile phone) is set up to be able to dial a phone number, such as through Skype, a VOIP provider, or, in the case of a mobile phone, as a normal mobile phone call, clicking that link will dial the number.

As a special treat (more fun than practical), if you enter a full 10 or 7 digit number, a button labeled "Click here to dial with your Touch-Tone® phone" will appear. Just hold your telephone's microphone up to your computer's speakers and then press the "Click here to dial!" button. Your speakers will play the tones and dial the number right through your telephone's microphone.

A couple of notes about Touch-Tone® dialing:

  • You must have Javascript enabled on your browser.
  • Touch-Tone® only works with standard telephones, not with cell phones or voice over IP setups, but for those phones the "Click here" link should work.
  • Only works when dialing from North America.
  • If you need to dial anything to get an outside line, you have to do that yourself before clicking. If you enter a 10 digit number, a "1" is automatically dialed before it.
  • If you have comments or suggestions about this feature, please let us know.

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