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Instead of charging a fee, we simply encourage visitors to contribute what they feel our service is worth -- through PayPal. We've spent more time and money providing this service than you'd probably believe and we ask you to pitch in. If the PhoneSpell service has helped your business find a telephone number that you will advertise, think how much money we saved you over hiring a consultant. If you've just moved and we've helped you find a cool number that all your friends can easily remember, ask yourself what you would have paid for the number if you had to pay for it. You know what the right amount is.

PayPal is the most secure way to send and receive payments on the internet -- and it's free to use. Just click on the icon below and you're on your way!

We also accept checks. Please contact us for details.

Thank you! Every little bit helps.


*NOTE: to cover PayPal's processing charges, a "shipping" fee of $0.30 is automatically added to small donations. We do not actually ship anything; this is just so we don't actually lose money from people donating nickels. Feel free to adjust your donation amount accordingly.

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